How did the bank debt go from HUF 8 million to HUF 25 million?

List of bailiffs who disregard the law – group, Fb:

Mónika and Sándor Könyvesné:

Thank you for being here. I have serious problems too. Our house was auctioned off. I just appealed, we are in court in 15 days!

Both my husband and I were charged for the loan. It became HUF 8,400,000; 25 million 600! (Three times the original loan. – ed.)

Our house, built 11 years ago, was auctioned for 12 million! (However, the debt to the bank increased to 25 million – ed.)

My two 8-year-old grandchildren and my children also live here. The eviction will be on the 7th and we have nowhere to go. I can’t process this. What about my family? It falls apart.

We won’t be able to go to work, because no one issues a sublet to a family with children.

We are clean, law-abiding people, we have never sinned against the Hungarian State, but the Hungarian government destroys our family.

If anyone can help, who can I contact?

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Péter M. Kárpáti:

We have been protesting on the streets for years… There are so many people crying online that if they had all come out, this vile government would have been replaced and no one would be evicted.

But everyone was lazy, indifferent. The day after the end of the moratorium, I announced a silent demonstration on Kossuth Square… I stood alone there silently… Now everyone should go to hell and shut up and die in their inaction…

Mónika És Sándor Könyvesné, Author:

Péter M. Kárpáti, did you read what you wrote here?

Shame on you, we should get together instead of talking like that!

I’m a member of the group recently, I didn’t even know it existed, but they gave me a lot of good advice, unfortunately, no success yet!

How many more people will die? 

List of bailiffs who disregard the law – group, Facebook (Hungary)

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