Even in prison, the corrupt bailiff Schadl family earns good money

In theory, the wife could not carry out any kind of execution either, as a person subject to proceedings

Urgent call up!

Please apply for the persons against whom the executor Helga Schadl-Baranyai has taken enforcement action in the vicinity of Gödöllő and Budaörs! (scheduled auction in the electronic system, or the auction actually took place).

Because a person subject to criminal proceedings would not even be able to handle money, let alone block, run an office and rob the properties of the victims.

We are waiting for the victims to come forward because the court clerk at the Budaörs District Court, aware of all this, – (even though we told him in our objections) – rejected our enforcement objections, therefore we want to initiate criminal proceedings against him for aiding and abetting, since what we already knew was already publicly also brought down:

According to 24.hu, the latter person is György Schadl’s wife, Helga Schadl-Baranyai, who is an independent bailiff in Gödöllő. Although we were informed by several bailiffs and the lawyer that the wife of the MBVK president was also a suspect, neither she nor the Hungarian Court Bailiffs confirmed the information, even though we searched for them by phone and by letter.

At the same time, the information published on Tuesday in the list of executors available on the MBVK website is also revealing. Helga Schadl-Baranyai – like her husband – no longer does her work, but another executor, Nóra Zsófia Bihari, has taken over her permanent replacement.

It is noteworthy that the MBVK president, who is also currently in prison, was replaced by his wife in the bailiff’s office in Budaörs until recently, but now another bailiff has been appointed to this position instead of Helga Schadl-Baranyai. György Schadl’s permanent deputy is now Konstantin Andresin, who is an executive in Békéscsaba.

According to the Central Investigative Prosecutor’s Office, two people are still under arrest, one of them is György Schadl, who was already behind bars at the end of last year.

By the way, the MBVK chairman and his wife also benefited greatly from the executive offices in 2021. György Schadl’s own office in Budaörs still brought him 102 million while he was in prison. His wife’s office in Gödöllő – in which Schadl is also an owner – achieved record revenue, generating a profit of HUF 258 million in 2021.


We are waiting for applications to our email address from those whose money was stolen by Helga Schadl-Baranyai after November 2021 or whose property was auctioned. We are also waiting for the separate application of the persons whose objection to enforcement was rejected by the court secretary.

Stop looting Hungarian families!

Postscript for those with reading or comprehension difficulties:

Please send your application to a central email address, with name, case number and a brief description of the facts in a few sentences! We don’t care about I’m here or just a phone number, but neither do police investigators, because we don’t know what to do with it. It will be deleted!

White Chimney Sweepers Foundation FB


Details from the comments from the voices of the people. Devastating opinions about bailiffs and the system that lets bailiffs run wild:

Theresia Kovács:
We are also looking for the executor Nagy Gyöngyi Keresztes with great strength! Anyone who knows something should go to Nav Zalaegerszeg’s website!

Erzsébet Kovácsné Kiss:
Something is finally happening! Lawlessness continues here! Judit Varga said in Brussels about what kind of rule of law we have here!

Mátrainé Böbe Mészi:
To trace all such filth! As long as there is no independent executor register, all blockades, auctions, and debt collectors must be lifted! Anyone who is found to be in violation of the law after the investigation is immediately sentenced to prison!


Kàroly Füzesi:
What about Csaba Petris?

Janalka Avar:
Dr Láng Tamás Kőszegi bailiff took 90% of my husband’s pension!

Erzsébet Jónásné-Horváth:
Let’s not forget János Markovics.

Philip Jutka:
What they are doing is inhumane!

Szebi Denaj:
Is Csaba Katona? Anyone have any info on it? Is he already dead?

Anna Szépföldi:
Can Berki and Co. Executive and Dr. Ákos Zoltán continue their filth?

Palko Domonics:
Dr. Csaba Petris, I would also like to know what is going on with him? As far as I know, he would can’t be able to do enforcement cases either.

Agnes Kassai:
When will Heindrich Vozar finally appear in Szeged?

Csaba Farkas:
To their fucking dirty mother! This is too much!

(Freedom Report)

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