Psychopaths’ gentlemanly passion

– Facts and opinions about hunting –

“The concept of wild animal economy means something different today. There are little kings and green barons who satisfy the needs of hobby hunters.

Where is the money, there is power. Unfortunately, “gentlemen” are not brought to life by animal rescue, but by their hunting… Respect for the exception.

Hunting is a pastime for psychopaths. Aberrated personalities with distorted spirits. Hobby-hunters are ashamed of evolution.
They are not only dangerous for animals, nature, but also for humans.

But not just hobby hunters! Professionals are no different. They help, accompany the money lice so that they can fully live their killing passion.

They breed thousands of pheasants, rabbits, wild boars, deer by hand in game gardens so that the paying quest hunter can be killed they.

They herded those 200 wild boars living in a fenced area in front of a mentally ill Italian old man to comfortably arrange a bloodbath.

They are the ones who set up terrible traps called “pest reduction” that whatever the animal goes into will perish for days.

The trap does not pick. The photos below show the dog victims of the traps:

They are the professional hunters who feed the animals in front of the high hunting in winter and summer to make it as comfortable as possible to kill them.

They are the ones who do not open the fences even in the event of major floods, preferring to let the people living there drown so as not to go over to the adjacent hunting ground because it would mean financial loss.

Unfortunately, I could list indefinitely the “nature balancing activities of“ good hunters”.

Source: Facebook; Helping Kakucs and surrounding animals, Ágica Borostyán, Valéria Rácz, Edina Kiss, Cseh László Csehné Csöpi, Ilona Wiest

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Pepper Online: Wild trap injured young girl and her dog

The hand of a girl trying to save her dog’s life was badly injured as she tried to remove the captive wildlife trap. However, according to the Hunting Chamber, the placement of the trap is legal. And necessary.

“I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re desperately trying to tear apart the collapsed killing trap from their dog’s head and leg behind God’s back and then watch helplessly as their pet panics, cries, and suffers,” a young woman wrote on Facebook, after a so-called swan neck trap almost killed with his dog, Ginger.

Since the farmer did not spare himself to save the animal, he also suffered nasty injuries to his hands. Thanks to firefighters and their veterinarian, the dog in shock escaped with an infusion. By the way, the gamekeeper who set up the trap was constantly interested in the condition of Ginger and his owner.

The incident took place in Gyálarét, Csongrád County, at the embankment. The self-sacrificing dog owner wanted to draw the attention of the locals to the fact that the forest and the embankment are trapped, yet most of the commenters came up. He shouldn’t have walked Ginger without a leash, and then there would have been no trouble, they wrote. Others immediately hid in the role of volunteer executioner because they thought this trap was not only life-threatening but also illegal.

Bors wanted to clarify the issue, so we turned to the National Hungarian Hunting Chamber.

“If we walk our dog in a hunting area, it must be taken into account that it is not only our own, but also the habitat of animals and plants,” began Péter Bajdik, Secretary General of the National Hungarian Hunting Chamber. – Being unpredictable, what will end up without a leash is irresponsible to walk our pet. Anyone who otherwise releases their dog on the hunting ground without a leash is committing an offense. (But only he said that. And he thinks there is such a dictatorship in the Hungarian rural. And maybe he’s right.)

The Swan Neck works with food bait. (The very Evil trap – ed.)

The Swan Neck Trap is not illegal in Hungary, but its use requires a lot of expertise and caution. According to the principle of operation, it is activated when the bait placed in the middle is pulled upwards.

The hunting company there and the person placing the trap acted with absolute care and caution. (Sic!) The hunting law states that trapping activities may be carried out. (It is quite a problem. – ed.) The trap in question is not a prohibited one, but a legal one, says the Secretary-General, who added: it was advertised along every road.

“The trap, buried ten inches deep, was professionally installed, 50 feet from the nearest road. (Like in a war – ed.)

The trap is “professionally” installed, buried evil, – in Hungarian.

According to Péter Bajdik, this event is bad for everyone, especially for the dog and its owner, but also for the hunters, as no one wants to catch a dog. It is an unfortunate accident that can be avoided with due care.
Trapping is otherwise necessary for animal and human health reasons due to the reduction of the fox population (Sic!). It is precisely foxes that pose a serious threat to dogs because of the persistence of rabies. – (According to him. Ed.)

(Editorial note from the SZR: If the above two statements were true, “1. Trapping is otherwise necessary for animal and human health reasons due to the depletion of the fox population (Sic!). – Then the twice-yearly spring and autumn vaccination of foxes would not be worth the money. In this case, at the time of vaccination, for 21 days from the start of the vaccination, the competent district veterinarian shall order a closure and a ban on grazing.
So, if the above two statements were true, it would certainly be a small amount of airplane vaccination, money thrown out the window.)

Quote from the NÉBIH website:
“The European Union co-finances 75% of the costs of the immunization program for Hungary… Vaccine-containing baits are delivered from small aircraft to the area to be treated…

Both wild and domestic mammals are susceptible to rabies virus disease is preventable. The main maintainers of the infection in Hungary are also red foxes, therefore their immunization is a particularly important veterinary task. The effectiveness of the program is also supported by Nébih’s laboratory tests: in the last hunting year, about three-quarters of the foxes in the vaccinated areas took up the baits”

So trapping is just vile and unnecessary animal torture is nothing else. Which is also dangerous to humans. And sometimes, as in the present case; It degenerates into a bodily injury that heals beyond 8 days.

Bors, SZRTI, Facebook

Collected by: Freedom Report

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