The shame of the Hungarian countryside; the chained dog

The shame of the Hungarian countryside; the chained dogFor four years now, as of 2016, a government decree prohibits the permanent keeping on chain of dogs in Hungary.

But this regulation is consistently scolded by barbaric animal torturers who are not interested in the well-being and feelings of their own animals. Just go down the street of an average Hungarian village or small town, and you’ll see how many people keep their dog chained, causing them suffering.

And that’s totally accepted. Soulless and unsensitivity are the dominant forms of behavior.. This is such a country. And no one speaks to these animal torturers, nor does the police take action, nor do they speak to local government officials. Most animal torturers remain unpunished. Only those who have been reported by the media are subject to formal proceedings.

And the Hungarian government has neither the power nor the inclination to enforce its own decree. And animal protect police, simply do not exist in this country.

But at any time you can take action against this shameful animal torture,
because the Animal Protection Act spells it out clearly;

‘Animal torture § 244 (1) Who
(a) unjustly ill-treatment or unjustified treatment of a vertebrate animal which is likely to cause permanent injury or death to a vertebrate animal ;
(b) it removes, leaves or exposes its vertebrate or dangerous animal,
punishable by imprisonment for up to two years.
(2) The punishment of a crime is imprisonment of up to three years if the torture of animals
(a) causes particular suffering to the animal, or
(b) causes irreversible damage or death to several animals.

We have repeatedly acted in animal torture cases, and once we become aware of it, we will continue to do so.

Please readers; who is confronted with a case of animal torture, chaining, mistreatment, abuse, irresponsible behavior, eg. starvation – always inform the police! – The police are, in principle, obliged to act in such cases and are required by law to do so.
But don’t hesitate to disclose the identity of the animal torturers – so if anyone experiences it, take a photo and send it to us! “We can send it from here,” as evidence in the proceedings against the animal torturer.

Amikor a lánc belevájja magát a kutya testébe “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” (Gandhi)

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