‘I am a refugee too, but I have to be this in my homeland’

'I am a refugee too, but I have to be this in my homeland'

– Liberal cruelty –

Yesterday evening, Eastern Railway Station. There are a donating event in the transit zones (where immigrants, who came by train have to stay), organised by pro-immigrant liberals.

Suddenly, somebody demands loudly to security to go there immediately. I become pay attention, see, what’s going on? A woman shouting, that security have to come, because a homeless went there to ask some donations for himself, but donation is only for refugees.

The lowlife, who was silent until this, now says louder, that he only would ask some warm clothes, because he’s freezing in his soaked shirt (in Budapest, there was a terrible rain yesterday, almost the whole downtown became underwater). The women answers: the donations are only for “poor refugees”.

The homeless answered too, silently again: “I am a refugee too, but I have to be this in my homeland”, then walked away, soaked, freezing…

And the donations of liberals ended as rubbish in refuse bins, as always. Despite of this, they didn’t gave anything to this man, because he was Hungarian, not alien, not the member of a different race, culture. And liberals hate everything, what is Hungarian. They hate even this helpless, poor, freezing beggar…

This is Christian Hungary


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