The fight of the Light against Darkness! – Joint force against Zionism!

The fight of the Light against Darkness! The unity of Muslims and Christians in the war against Zionism

Today it is clear to everybody what Zionism is capable of. Those amongst the goys who don’t see it are blind from birth or their mind just died in the common brainwash.

The Zionist money and economy politics which is not about work, production, development – rather about looting, destruction and detraction – this kind of politics with the active participation of the vassal governments and collaborationist branches (parliaments, “jurisdiction”, police and liberal medias) – had driven the whole world on the edge of the abyss. The money and capital markets and stock exchanges which have no real content, without real provision and are blown up like bubbles they will burst and crash.

But before that the prices will skyrocket so once more and finally the white collars can harvest. – But who knows what they will do with their money worth nothing and with the worthless electronic signs on their bank cards to what their wealth changed. Or with their gold which will be as worthless because you can’t eat it or shoot it out, maybe the butcher will give a kilo pig meat for a kilo gold as a mercy…

And soon it can happen again like in the Great Depression in the past century that they will pour tons of sugar, wheat or coffee just to keep the prices high.

It’s true hunger, thirst and homelessness drives the people of the world for angry rebellion. Just like the Arab people nowadays. The rebellions in the Middle East will spread to America and Europe, the people will rise against the antipopular governments and systems in the duty of Zion.

The Power of the Darkness will shake as the revolutionary flames will rise throughout the world.

And this is what the servants of the Dark Lord want to prevent. That their impeachment will fail and they can preserve their power (even if it is in a ruined world) so they can come out triumphant survivors once again of chaos which was caused by their insatiable hunger.

But because their strength is wane and they can’t send troops on so many places so they want to get the job done by the people of the World – the extermination of each other. Instead of the “Divide and conquer” principle which is old-fashioned the “Drive them against each other and stomp on their graves” principle should be followed.

Because of this their first priority pursuit became to divide and drive the rebels against each other. Mostly the faithful Christians and Islam. Because they are the majority, 4 billion people and these two religions have the moral basis to fight efficiently against the forces of Darkness. Not for nothing tried the Jews to destroy or at least dilute, render them ineffective.

Not for nothing behaves the Roman Catholic Pope as the vassal of Israel, sticking homage between the stones of the Western Wall. Proving the THIS POPE IS NOT THE LORD OF THE CATHOLICS BUT A SERVANT OF ZIONISTS. SUBMISSIVE TO THE LORD OF DARKNESS SERVING CHRISTIANITY ON A PLATE AND THE PURE SOULS OF THE NAIVE BELIEVERS.

But the Christianity and the catholic belief itself basically won’t change because of the disgraceful chaffer of their prostitute high priests. Jesus will turn his face from them and will sign others to lead the congregations of Christians.

On the apostate high priests the fire of Hell awaits…

When Nero threw the Christians before the lions in the arena, the belief of Christ showed itself already. The followers of Jesus didn’t give up their belief in the hope of mercy and they went into their deaths singing.

And the Christian Religion will have them same power today. It will rise in its’ ancient, original being and will throw the Judaist frippery, unnecessary finery, the worship of money of itself.

Just the pure soul will matter, bare before God. The voluntary poverty will rise again. Morality and honour will be the most important foundations of society once again.

So the Light will fight against darkness. The purified Christianity like Real Christianity will fight against the Lord of the Darkness destroyer of the World, the Globalist Money power. It will fight shoulder to shoulder in alliance with the Islam because: THE FIGHT AGAINST THE DARKNESS IS THE ISLAM ITSELF AND REAL CHRISTIANITY ITSELF.

The Muslim and Christian warriors won’t allow the Jews to send them on each other and to stomp on their graves laughing after the war. But they will fight together against the forces of Darkness until the ultimate victory.

András Fort – Szabad Riport Tudósító Iroda

Translation: Vilmos Sváb – Jövő

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